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Harnessing the Power of Employee Testimonial Videos

June 26, 20235 min read

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Are you looking for innovative ways to attract top talent to your organization? Are you seeking new and effective ways to build trust and strengthen your company's culture?

Consider making employee testimonial videos as a powerful tool to achieve these goals. Video marketing is quickly becoming the go-to method for companies looking to engage their audience, and employee testimonials offer a unique perspective that can attract and inspire potential candidates.

Great employee testimonial videos are an excellent tool for organizations seeking to attract the best talent and strengthen their company's culture. In today's competitive job market, where candidates have multiple options and are increasingly looking for authentic and meaningful work experiences, an employee testimonial can make a significant impact.

These videos provide an authentic insight into the company, boost credibility, attract top talent, and help foster a strong culture. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the power of employee testimonial videos and how they can be harnessed to attract talent and inspire trust while strengthening your company's culture.

Employee Testimonials Give Authentic Insight

There’s no doubt that companies spend a lot of time and money on their marketing efforts. However, potential employees are seeking authenticity in their potential workplace.

Employee testimonials provide a unique perspective that can give candidates a sense of what it’s like to work at your company. It’s an opportunity to showcase the company's culture, office environment, and the relationships that exist between coworkers.

Employee testimonials humanize the work experience and allow potential employees to connect with the people behind the brand.

Moreover, employee testimonials provide an avenue for potential candidates to gauge whether they would be a good fit within the company. By hearing employees speak about their experiences, values, and beliefs, candidates can assess whether their own aspirations align with the organization's mission and culture.

This transparency helps both parties in the hiring process, ensuring a better match between the company and the individual.

Employee testimonials also have the potential to spark inspiration and motivation in potential candidates. When they see employees genuinely excited about their work and the company they represent, it can ignite a sense of enthusiasm and desire to be a part of something meaningful.

These testimonials can create an emotional connection and resonate with individuals who are seeking not just a job, but a fulfilling career.

Employee Testimonials Boost Credibility

boost company's credibility

In a world where customers and potential employees have access to endless amounts of information, it can be challenging to establish credibility. Employee testimonials can help your brand prove its authenticity.

A video testimonial from an employee can go a long way toward establishing your company as a trustworthy and credible organization. When potential employees see current employees speaking positively about their time at the company, it can inspire trust and increase the likelihood of recruitment.

Featuring real employees in video testimonials, provide an opportunity for potential candidates to connect with relatable individuals. Seeing and hearing employees talk about their positive experiences at your organization adds a layer of authenticity that cannot be replicated through other means.

It demonstrates that your company is not just making empty claims but has tangible evidence of satisfied employees who are genuinely passionate about their work.

Employee Testimonials Attract Top Talent

One of the most significant challenges of recruiting is finding top talent. The best candidates often have multiple job offers, and it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. Employee testimonials can help differentiate your company from others by showcasing your unique culture, values and mission.

It also provides a window into what types of people are successful within your organization, and which characteristics you value most in a team member. Employee testimonials can further assist with recruitment by increasing the overall reach of your job postings when shared through social media and other digital platforms.

Employee Video Testimonials Help Foster Company Culture

talent attraction

At its core, an organization's culture is built by its people. Employee testimonials help showcase this culture and the individuals who make it great. By sharing these stories, it encourages employees to continue to contribute to what makes the culture unique.

These testimonials can be used internally to drive engagement and morale and to help externally to market workplace culture as a recruiting tool.

Embrace the Power of the Employee Testimonial Video

In today's digital age, video content continues to dominate social media and other online platforms. Written testimonials are helpful, but video content often performs better in terms of viewer engagement and action.

According to a Hubspot study, 81% of businesses use video in their marketing efforts, and 99% of marketers who already use video will continue to do so in 2021.

Investing in high-quality video content showcases a company's values, telling a powerful story that highlights a company’s mission with real-life examples.


Employee testimonial videos are an excellent tool for organizations seeking to attract top talent and strengthen their company culture. They offer a valuable and authentic insight into the inner workings of a company.

They go beyond traditional marketing efforts by showcasing the company culture, office environment, and the genuine experiences of employees. By humanizing the work experience and allowing potential employees to connect with the people behind the brand, these testimonials provide a powerful tool for attracting talent and inspiring trust.

Employing video marketing humanizes the work experience and encourages candidates to take a deeper look into what your organization's real values can be an effective recruitment strategy. With the right approach and recognition of the value of employee storytelling, companies can create a series of videos showcasing their company culture like no other marketing tool.

By featuring likable, authentic people with relatable stories– those on the front lines– companies can attract top talent and sync up their culture and brand values.

When candidates can envision themselves as part of the organization based on the stories and experiences shared, it fosters a deeper connection and increases the likelihood of a successful recruitment process.

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Jacob Forbis

Jacob is the owner of The Customer Story. He started the business in 2017 after working in video marketing for over 6 years at a technology company based in San Antonio, TX. He has worked in corporate video since 2010 and has worked with some of the largest brands in the world.

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