Customer Testimonial Videos 

At The Customer Story, we specialize in telling stories. One of the most powerful ways to communicate the value of your product or service, is to have your best customers do it for you.

Customer Testimonial Clients

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Why The Customer Story?

Experience. Professionalism. Quality. Affordability.

Good things come in fours, as they say…right?

When you hire The Customer Story, you are getting an incredible depth of experience in filming and producing customer testimonial videos. Whether you need help with what questions to ask, how to make your customers comfortable in front of the camera, or which angle looks best – we have the knowledge and experience to help every step of the way.

Customer Testimonials Filmed

Our Process



We meet with you to go over the details of your product or service, and the customers you want to capture testimonials from. We’ll go over things like questions to ask, location guidance, and shot lists.

The Shoot

Our professional and creative producers will visit your customer and capture the video content. You can rely on us to go on our own and capture everything you need, or you can come with us and get some much valued face-to-face time with your customers.

Editing and Distribution

We take the footage back to our home office and work our magic! This is where we turn an hour of interview footage into a well polished 2-3 minute video. We can even help you develop a plan for distributing the videos for the best ROI on your time and money.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

We have many testimonial pricing options for every budget. Because every project is different, it is impossible for us to give standard pricing. Be sure to ask about our multiple video discounts and our referral program.

How long does it take?

We usually require 2 weeks advanced notice to book a testimonial shoot, but exceptions can be made. Once we are on site, we need typically about 4 hours on the customer’s location to capture all interviews and footage. After filming, our standard turn around time for the edit is 3 weeks (rush edits are available).

Do you need me to be there?

Not at all. We find that some of our customers like to be there to meet with their customers. However, some clients need to save travel costs from sending their own team to the customer location. We are fully capable of conducting the interview and get all the footage we need.

We schedule a call with you ahead of time to go over all details to make sure everyone is on the same page.

How do we book your services?

In order to book a customer testimonial, simply contact us and we’ll discuss the details of your project. We’ll then be able to give you an exact quote.

Do you offer other video services?

Yes! Visit to see other video production services we offer.

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